About BedBadBeuningen

About BedBadBeuningen

Welcome to BedBadBeuningen!

BedBadBeuningen is located in the 'oeverwallen' area of Beuningen (Gelderland), located between 'het land van Maas en Waal' and 'het Rijk van Nijmegen'. The two accommodations of BedBadBeuningen are located in a detached building nearby the main building, amidst a beautiful plum orchard and nearby a second orchard where pear trees are grown. In short: BedBadBeuningen is located in a fantastic, active agricultural environment!

BedBadBeuningen offers accommodations. Our operating principle is: we offer you a beautiful place to stay to allow you to enjoy the area and freedom, while facilitating for you to have your own breakfast, lunch and/or dinner whenever suits you. The accommodations are suitably equiped! You can enjoy your food, the area and quiet on the terrace, which is located near the entrance.

The appartments are located ideally relative to the many cycling routes contained in the large Dutch leasure cycling network. If you enjoy mountainbiking, there are also many options nearby. In the forests near Beuningen many nice mountainbikeroutes are ready to be explored.
Furthermore there are many walking routes; every year the four-day walking event of Nijmgen passes straight through Beuningen. The event attracts over 40,000 people to visit the great area.
BedBadBeuningen is ideal for relaxation: whether you want to stay for a weekend, a week or more. The advantage of booking your stay with BedBadBeuningen is that you can choose your own day of arrival and length of your stay (depending on availability).

The accommodations are suitable for 1 to 4 persons. A reservation has a minimum stay of two nights.
You will find further information under “accommodations”.

We hope to welcome you soon and wish you a pleasent stay!

Met vriendelijke groet,
Kind regards,
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Paul ten Haaf

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BedBadBeuningen also offers her accommodations for shorter stays or meetings.
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